Pest Gazette

Pest Gazette, Spring 2019

Insects wake up too, in Spring!

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Moisture Issues

Insects and other pests need the same things we do: food, shelter, and water. Unfortunately, we often provide them with one or all of those things! Eliminating or reducing moisture in and around your home will go a long way in decreasing insect populations. In addition to being a necessary component of life, water also makes wood more attractive to termites and carpenter ants, encourages fungal growth, and serves as a breeding material for mosquitoes and some other types of flies.  Even if you don’t suspect that you might have moisture problems, it’s probably worth investigating. Check out some of the common possible causes of accumulated moisture around your home. Mulch and vegetation abutting your house attract pests like earwigs, termites, springtails, and centipedes by holding moisture against your foundation. If reasonable, inspect your gutters and downspouts to see if they are properly installed, clear of debris, and that water is draining away from the structure. If you use a sprinkler system, check to see if sprinkler heads are aimed away from the structure so you aren’t unnecessarily soaking your house and drawing in pests! Two other possibilities include beneath air conditioning units and leaking hoses.  If you aren’t confident in diagnosing or fixing moisture issues, give us a call and we will assess the situation and make sure you’re property isn’t unwittingly attracting and keeping pests around.

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