Exodus Exterminating Owner Dale Larnder and CastleGuard's John Announced a Merger

Exodus & CastleGuard Merge

March 23rd, 2021. It is my privilege to be writing this letter to you! By now you have probably seen John Fraysier’s announcement informing you of his decision to sell his business, (CastleGuard Pest Management) to Exodus Exterminating. We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to now welcome you to the Exodus family of customers! As a CastleGuard customer you may be asking yourself ‘how will this affect me?’. I would like to take this opportunity to ease any of your potential concerns.

First, you may be wanting to know, who is Exodus Exterminating? If you do not know who we are, it is my privilege to be the first to introduce ourselves to you! Exodus Exterminating was founded here in Rochester in 1986 on the time-honored principles of integrity, honesty, and a true commitment of "Do unto others as you would have done unto you”! Our philosophy has remained the same over the past 35 years and our “customer first” approach has helped us become Rochester’s local leader in pest control! In fact, we were privileged to be selected as Rochester’s Top Choice for Pest Control four years in a row by the Democrat and Chronicle! Since 1986, our desire has been to meet every customers’ expectations, and overwhelmingly we continue to achieve that goal. I vow to you that we will continue working tirelessly to build a reputation of total customer satisfaction and earning your trust!

What Does This Season Bring?

Carpenter Ants! They Get Started Early…

No matter how you measure it – by the day or by the season – carpenter ants are early risers! They are most active during the overnight hours and are often found in large numbers in the early morning when we first awaken. They are also early risers by the benchmark of the spring season. When nesting inside a house, they can start becoming active in the dead of winter; mid January and February!

Carpenter ants are more than just an unsightly nuisance. They are capable of significant structural damage. It is important to stop their progress before it reaches this point. The carpenter ants are indulging in a weakness – sweets! The gel bait used here can eliminate an entire colony of ants in a couple of days time!

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