Service Plans

When it comes to managing pests in the Fairport, NY region, no one does it better than CastleGuard Pest Management!

CastleGuard Pest Management has a variety of service plans to fit each unique residential setting.  We offer service plans that address most kinds of pest problems arising in a home.  For those that prefer a maintenance service, we offer a regular service addressing the pests of the season.  For others that simply want to be rid of one existing pest problem, we offer onetime guaranteed services.  Here is a listing and description of the most common service plans.


 Quarterly Service Plan

This service option is a maintenance plan providing regular service every three months throughout the year.  It is designed to address the pests coming out in each of the seasons.  Generally speaking, ants and the stinging insects are front and center in the warmer months, mice and spiders in the colder months.  In addition, the many pests active throughout the year like Indian meal moths, flour beetles and cockroaches are addressed as needed.  Do you have better things to do than checking for signs of mice, or yellow jackets?  This is the plan for you.


Summer Service Plan

This service option is identical to the Quarterly Service Plan without the winter service.  It has three services occurring between April and October, and addresses all the pests of the Quarterly Plan.  It’s focus are the insects of Spring and Summer, including ants, bees and wasps, and the occasional invaders like the box elder bug, lady beetles, and stinkbugs.


Single Service Plan

The Single Service Plan takes any one pest problem and addresses it on a onetime basis.  Some pest issues are best addressed in this manner, like single yellow jacket nests, or powder post beetles.  All work is guaranteed effective or we come back for free.


Custom Made

All service plans are custom made for your household needs and schedules and the pests we are dealing with.  Special service plans have been developed for mice and rats with the unique challenges they present when present in a house.


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